Welcome to! This site was established in early 2002 to serve as a forum for the many people who either now practice some form of sonopuncture or who have an interest in doing so. It, like life, is a work in progress, so please be patient as we build the site.

There are many of us all over the world doing research and clinical work that joins Chinese medical theory to music and sound for the purpose of healing. From the library research I've done, it appears that we know very little about each other's work.

I have three objectives in mind for this website and for this organization:

1. Bring clinicians and researchers together to share what we know and what we hope to know;
2. Raise the bar for areas of research--both by looking for theoretical approaches beyond Five Phase theory and by identifying potential research allies such as bioacoustical engineers, Chinese music scholars, and other experimentors, and
3. Develop standards for research in this area.
Please register for the mailing list and then write in about what you're doing.
As soon as possible we'll post an archive of the mail and get an international conversation started.
Thank you!

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